Wait List

Let Text2Seat manage your Wait List and see clearly who has been waiting and for how long

The Wait List feature of Text2Seat brings order to your queue.

As guests arrive, enter them onto the Wait List with their preferences, e.g. a table of four in a child-free area of the restaurant.

The Wait List shows you clearly how many people are waiting and how many are in each party.

The list also shows which guests have made prior bookings.

With this information you can seat people in the suggested sequence or in the order you decide is best.

Guests on the Wait List are included in the Availability calculation.  This enables you to give more accurate estimates of how long they are likely to have to wait for a table.


Is simple, quick and easy to use

Manages your tables

Manages your wait list

Can SMS customers

Gives you information

Gives you control

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