The Logwood Kitchen Management System

Improve the quality, consistency and speed of food service.

Details of the Logwood Kitchen Screen System can be found here.

Why would you, as an EPOS vendor, consider the Logwood Kitchen Screen System?

  • Give your existing customers new functionality without having to develop the system yourself.
  • Offer your new customers features that make your EPOS solution a more attractive proposition.
  • The Logwood Kitchen Screen system is a mature product with a proven history of effectiveness and reliability.  Our biggest customers continue to install our system in new sites.
  • We interface to many EPOS systems.  If we don't already have an interface to your system we will write one.
  • A new interface requires no work from you - just some information.
  • We don't sell direct, we sell only through EPOS providers.
  • You provide all services; installation, training, support and maintenance.

Quote Unquote

'The Logwood Kitchen Screen System brings improvements in terms of operation efficiency and order accuracy'.

'It's also like having a mystery diner on the premises 24/7'

'It is a tool - not a gadget!'

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